Since the digital period we're not really talking with eachother. Sending a text or e-mail became normal. A letter 
                                                    is different. Mostly we are happier when we get a real letter. It is more personal and that is where Lieve.../Dear... 
                                                    stands for. A jewel is 
not just an accesoire. There is so much more behind this and we really want to share this
                                                    with you. Our jewellery have a 
specific message behind it, because of this our jewellery are more worth it. There
                                                    are some stories behind jewellery but most of the time these are just stories from the thinker of the product. 

                                                    Lieve.../Dear... is like an exordium of a personal letter. A letter in which we really love to tell you the story
                                                    behind our 
jewellery. A story specially written for the person for whom this letter is.


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